Thank you so much for visiting the portfolio of Veronica Reed aka The Learning Queen.  Did you know that a good learner experience can lead to a better overall employee experience?  My goal is to help organizations connect their learner experience to employee experience. This will lead to increased employee engagement which benefits the organization.

I have always had an interest in talent development because I believe that understanding the learner experience is the key to an employee’s success.  I can use Articulate 360, Vyond, Camtasia and can learn any other tool your organization uses to create the best employee experience design.

My top 5 CliftonStrengths are:
1. Harmony
2. Input
3. Responsibility
4. Arranger
5. Focus 

how i get things done

My personal mission is to connect the learner experience with the overall employee experience. Employees who feel empowered to learn are more engaged within the workplace leading to better business results.

Learner Experience

I create learner experiences that are tailored to the organization. 

Employee Experience

Good learner experiences lead to better employee experiences.  Employees want to be developed effectively.


Creativity allows me to bring the best experiences that allow employees to thrive.


Each learner experience created will be different and may require a custom approach. I work with the client to determine the best fit and provide solutions that will benefit their employees. I like utilizing ADDIE, but I don’t believe that it has to be done in sequential order. Depending upon the project it may be best to use ADDIE in conjunction with Agile principles to achieve the best results.


I connect with the organization to determine the problem that they want to be solved and why they feel training is the answer.  I conduct a needs assessment to determine the true need and how to best solve the problem.  Depending on what is needed I may decide to utilize a more agile approach.


One of the key components of this stage is the storyboard or outline that maps out the product. Whether we decide to create eLearning or a job aide it’s important to map out the proposed finished product.


This is the most exciting phase because I’m finally able to start creating the finished product.  I create the first draft and then ask for detailed feedback. I continue to get feedback and make changes until the perfect product is created.


Before delivering the final product to the target audience it’s important to go through a quality assurance test.  This will ensure that everything works correctly before it’s fully implemented.  Once the quality assurance is done then it’s time to share the finished product.


Evaluation is one of the most important phases because you need to make sure the project is sustainable.  I want to make sure that the learner experience is successful and welcome feedback from all levels of the organization.