Vyond Video – introducing veronica


Please click to see the Introducing Veronica video created using Vyond.

introducing veronica



I’ve seen other people do video “resumes” and I knew I had to do one for myself.  This was definitely a fun project because I got to create a character that somewhat resembles me. This project allowed me to be creative while learning how to use Vyond.  Side note: it is so hard to hear yourself talk when you use voice overs.



The process I used to create this video was:

  • Determined what I needed to include in the video resume to make sure to maximize the time.
  • Wrote a script that included the voice narration as well as determined what design elements I would use from Vyond.
  • Used the script to develop the video in Vyond and added the voice narration.
  • Checked the video for accuracy and made the needed changes.