job aide – leadership development


Click above to view my job aide using Canva.

Job aide



The purpose of this job aide was to simplify the important components for leadership development.  This aide can be used for anyone tasked with creating a leadership development program within their organization. Applying the Transformative Learning concept I wanted to provide a job aide that will empower someone to create a Leadership Development program that could transform their organization.



I used the following process to complete this job aide:

  • Researched articles that discussed the most successful leadership development programs.
  • Chose the components that I wanted to use for my job aide and wrote a rough draft of the script I would use to explain components.
  • Chose Canva as the tool I would use to create the job aide and decided on the design I would utilize.
  • Plug in information from the script and format to my preferred standards.
  • Make any needed changes after receiving feedback from others.