Elearning – Exploring id learning theories


Click on the above picture to access the course created using Articulate Storyline.


exploring id learning theories



The purpose of this eLearning was to create a course that utilized more advanced functionality of Articulate Storyline.  I wanted to explore the concept of having multiple options for the learner to choose to learn more about the specific topic. This course using layers and states to achieve the different interactions within the course.  It is important to provide elements that will keep the learner engaged throughout the course.



I used the following process to complete the course:

  • Since this was a sample course there wasn’t much initial analysis needed besides determining which interactions would be the most effective for this course.
  • I created a storyboard to organize the information and interactions I wanted to use in my course.
  • Using the storyboard I built the course in Articulate Storyline and did multiple quality assurance checks.