Elearning – Recruiter job toolkit


Click on the above picture to access the course created using Articulate Rise.


recruiter job toolkit



The inspiration for this course came about from talking to Sr. Instructional Designer about some projects they were working on at her organization. They mentioned that they wanted to create resources for each position within the organization to help streamline the onboarding process.  I thought this would be a good project to tackle to see how it would come together.  I chose Articulate Rise because it was a simplified tool that had a lot of interactivity you could build in.



The process I used to create this course was:

  • I researched the Recruiter job descriptions at various technology companies to get an idea of what they did on a daily basis.
  • I created a storyboard to organize the information and determine what elements I would add to the courses.
  • Using the storyboard I developed the course in Articulate Rise.
  • I checked the course for errors and made the needed corrections.