Vyond Video – Retaining diverse hires


Please click to see the Retaining Diverse Hires video created using Vyond.

retain diverse hires



In my previous roles I was very active with the organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion programs. With the current need for organizations to focus on improving the employee experience there will be a need for tools they can use. I chose to create an Articulate Rise course that summarized how to create an inclusive workplace for diverse hires. 

I also created an Articulate Rise course and a job aide on this same topic and you can access those by clicking the buttons below.  This is an example of a topic that you can showcase through multiple mediums.


The process I used to create this course was:

  • Using the job aide I already created I determined that it would be able to convert into a animated video.
  • I created a script that included the voice narration needed for the video.
  • Using the script I developed the video using Vyond.
  • I checked for any errors and made the needed corrections.