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Engaging Younger Human Resources Professionals

We have all heard the statistics that Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020 and grow to 75% of the workforce by 2025. It’s time to explore how this will impact Human Resources professionals which is why I decided to create the HR Millennial.

The New Era of Human Resources

There are countless articles that discuss millennials and the many generalizations of our particular generation. As millennials continue to grow in their careers we are starting to see the changes that organizations are making to appeal to the younger workforce. All business units within organizations should think about how the workforce change will impact leadership of the organization.

What hasn’t been explored much is how Human Resources departments are adjusting to Millennial and Gen Z workers. Currently, there aren’t many Millennial Chief Human Resources Officers but that will change in the next few years. Current CHROs have to start engaging the younger employees in their departments to get them ready to move into leadership positions within the organization.

How Can HR Leadership Teams Stay Ahead?

The HR Leadership team within the organization should be at the forefront in engaging the Millennial workforce so they are able to model to other business units how this can be done. Sometimes HR departments focus so much on the needs of employees that they forget the importance of engaging HR professionals.

Some quick tips that can be done to stay ahead are:

1. Engage with younger HR team members. I’ve worked at organizations in which the HR Leadership team didn’t engage with employees within their department.

2. Mentor a younger HR team member. Share your expertise with younger team members and provide opportunities for them to be involved in special projects.

3. Provide opportunities for professional development. Most employees enjoy professional development and welcome the chance to broaden their knowledge.

As the workforce continues to change HR Leaders have to be willing to connect and engage the younger team members to make sure they stay at the forefront. The job market will continue to get more competitive so it’s important to find ways to make the organization stand out. You can also learn from younger team members because they are connected to their peers and can bring information about what workers truly want.


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