Why Your Company Should Consider an Internal Podcast

Podcasts have become very popular within the past few years and you can find a podcast on pretty much any topic. Companies are constantly trying to find new ways to engage employees especially with the increase of employees working remotely. Utilizing internal podcast can help companies connect with employees at all levels of the organization located in different areas. Podcasts aren’t usually that expensive to get started especially if your company already has the necessary equipment. To get started you would need one or two quality microphones, a recording platform (many free resources available), a platform to edit the audio and somewhere to host the podcast. Most companies already have these items in place so it would be easy to get started.

With any new initiative you will need to start with assessing whether a podcast will be beneficial to your employees. After assessment you should assemble a team that will be tasked with getting the podcast up and running. There are a lot of great articles available that go into detail about how to start a podcast and provide best practices to ensure success. Podcasts typically take more time during the startup phase so the team assembled should be prepared. After the first few episodes, there will be a rhythm established which means less time spent.

The most important part of any podcast is the content. There are so many ways to format a podcast and how you do so depend on the information you want to provide to your employees. The podcast should consist of more than just someone talking about company policies and procedures. It should be engaging and provide information that employees wouldn’t get on a daily basis from other mediums. You could incorporate games or ways to get audience feedback by taking questions before and answering them on the podcast.

Companies should always evaluate whether or not the podcast is successful and providing value to employees. Based on the evaluation, you could determine that not enough employees would be interested in listening to a company podcast. Or you could determine your podcast should only target a segment of the employee population such as the sales team. An internal company podcast could enhance the employee experience and it would be worth a try to see if it’s the right fit for your organization.


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